Special Program at Kids Gan

Kids-Gan offers your child an array of creative and multi-sensory activities.

Activities and Sports

At Kids Gan we believe that sports help to build a strong foundation for confidence. As well the use of sports help to build childrens gross and fine motor skills. The children at Kids Gan enjoy a plethora of sport activities and games. These activities are provided by the staff that is trained in physical education. Kids Gan has a large open playground that is equipped with slides, swings, bicycles, and many other platforms to encourage outside free play.

Music at Daycare

Music is incorporated daily into the daycare. Each classroom has a musical area with an array of musical instruments. We believe that music is a tool for teaching language and to build connections within the daycare. Every day at circle time music is used either with the use of instruments or by singing with our voices. Our goal with music is to create awareness, concentration, coordination, and of course fun!


At Kids Gan we believe that art is a tool for developing creativity, enriching your child's environment and a platform for expression. Art is a form of multi-sensory education by which children use all five senses where each child is able to explore the world around him/her. Art is provided every day at Kids Gan. We use different medians for multisensory learning; paint, water colors, glue, recycled materials, pastels, woodwork, and so on. Art is done in groups of 4-5 children alongside music and/or songs. We like to observe nature and reflect it in our art activities.
The staff at Kids Gan believes in open positive education; therefore, we provide an environment that allows your child to explore freely. Each child in encouraged to arrive at his/her educational exploration freely and independently. Staff is on hand to help facilitate each child.

Welcome parents to Kids Gan a bilingual daycare situated in Ra'anana
Kids Gan provides a rich environment focused each child's individual needs. Kids Gan welcomes babies, toddlers and children from ages 6 months to 6 years old. The children are welcomed everyday by our warm, loving and experienced staff. Throughout the day the children are exposed to both the English and Hebrew language. This is done so through stories, plays, songs, art, and much more!

The staff at Kids Gan is professional and experienced. The staff is trained with all the necessary skills to provide a safe and fun learning environment. Kids Gan believes in an open door policy, therefore, our doors are always open!

Kids Gan provides a strong educational foundation that will assist and guide your children to formal schooling education with confidence and a love of learning.

Parties and Shabbat



On Fridays the children help clean the daycare in preparation for Shabbat. Together we decorate the daycare, bake challah, cakes and/or cookies. Parents are invited to join us around the table for our Shabbat celebration, where will sing songs, and share stories. Shabbat circle is at 11:30.

Birthday Parties

At Kids Gan we LOVE to celebrate birthdays! We encourage parents and family to join in celebrating your child's birthday. It is accustomed that parents bring a cake for the birthday celebration.

Holidays and Celebration

At Kids Gan we celebrate al the Israeli and Jewish Holidays. As well, we encourage the acknowledgment of other holidays should we have children from other cultural backgrounds. In preparation for these celebrations the children prepare art projects, prepare a play and special foods.

Books at Daycare

Our goal is provide your child with a strong foundation of reading and listening comprehension in both the English and Hebrew language. We encourage the use of correct grammar and a rich use of vocabulary in both languages.

A book corner is in each classroom and is used in every day. We teach how to respect the books and use them properly. We hope to create a love of reading for all children. Thus we have an open book policy where books can be taken home and returned based on your child's interest.

Baby Blues

The children and parents of Kids Gan work together in preparation of our Baby Blue Show. ALL the proceeds from the show are donated to a charity, association, or non-profit organization of the daycare choice. We learn about the different organizations and tolerance.